An Investment Into You

Milk & Honey boudoir sessions begin with direct correspondence with our head photographer. 

Upon booking your session you will receive a questionnaire and detailed "What to Wear Guide".

During your correspondence with the head photographer is the perfect time to chit-chat about outfits, hair & makeup ideas, posing ideas,  and answer any questions you may have. 

Your Personalized Session:

You'll be greeted by Raye and the assistant photographer. We will go over your outfit selections together and have them all hung up and ready to grab in the order you'll wear them. If you've opted for hair and makeup, our makeup artist will glam you up to make sure you look like the absolute beauty you are.
Raye and the assistant photographer will guide you through the whole process to insure you look your absolute best. So have no worries about not knowing how to pose. You'll be in the studio for about 1-2 hours. You will leave your session feeling like the amazing beautiful queen you are. Sessions begin at $350.

Falling In-love With You:

Directly after your session we will take a 30 minute break so Raye can prepare for your reveal and ordering session. Together we will watch in awh of your gorgeous images. Then we will go over which images you would like to place in a gorgeous album, display as wall art, or select the images you'd on an app for your phone!

We are able to do skype reveals for out of towners**

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